Fight against all Odds / 67 Year Old Kidney Patient and COVID-19 Positive Recovers, Discharged after 45 Days in AIIMS Raipur

THE GAZETTE: A 67 Year Old Kidney Patient and COVID-19 Positive Recovers, Discharged after 45 Days in AIIMS

Raipur, A 67 year old female patient suffering from chronic kidney disease since the last 10 years fights back against all odds and defeats COVID-19 with the help of doctors at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur. Almost 45 days continuous struggle against coronavirus leads to her successful recovery and discharge from COVID-19 ward. Now, she is happily living with her family.

Her ordeal started three months back when she contacted a hospital in Mumbai for regular hemodialysis. As COVID-19 pandemic took over Mumbai at that time, the hospital refused to give regular dialysis as it was converted into a dedicated COVID-19 hospital. She has been getting dialysis there for the last four years. 

Family members then moved to Nagpur for dialysis. Hospitals in Nagpur also refused to treat her as she was coming from the containment zone Mumbai. At last they came to Raipur and contacted a private hospital. Same ordeal repeated there and she was refused to give dialysis as she had COVID-19 symptoms.

At last family members contacted AIIMS, Raipur. As she desperately needed dialysis, doctors decided to help her. She was admitted in the hospital on 20 June, 2020 and tested COVID-19 positive. She has been treated for COVID-19 and given dialysis simultaneously as per ICMR protocol. It was a challenging case for the doctors as they have to wear protective PPE to perform regular treatment. 

Her family members-husband and son also found COVID-19 positive and admitted in different hospitals. At this juncture, she seems to be hopeless and needs Psychological help by doctors and nursing staff. They together give her every moral support to encourage her for successful treatment.

Regular 23 dialysis sessions were performed by the doctors during this time period. She remained positive to 45 days and recently her two consecutive COVID-19 tests found negative. Now, she was reunited with the family members and never forgets to thank AIIMS fraternity for her recovery. 

Prof.(Dr.) Nitin M. Nagarkar, Director, AIIMS said that aged and CKD patients with COVID-19 have lower recovery rate but dedicated nephrologists and technicians performed wonderful task by providing her dialysis and treatment for COVID-19 at same time and result is also become a ray of hope for other patients.

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